Santa Monica Cracks Down on Airbnb Hosts

March 20,2018

Santa Monica recently passed some of the nation’s toughest regulations on short-term rentals, and just convicted Airbnb host Scott Shatford of failing to comply with citations after he refused to stop renting out his properties [1].

“Part of the reason for the anti-vacation statute is to make sure that the housing stock is not impacted by this type of activity”, said Denise Smith who works to enforce the anti-short term rental law [2]. The biggest concern are people who, like Shatford, have more than one rental property. With apartments in Santa Monica fetching $3,500 a month as ordinary rentals, long-term residents can no longer afford to live anywhere West of downtown [2]. City Attorney Yibin Shen hopes to see these houses returned to the housing market as normal apartment rentals [2].

Santa Monica’s law goes further than regulations by other cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, suffering a similar problem [3]. Los Angeles is now considering new rules that would legalize and regulate the practice of renting out rooms or homes for short stays, a practice that has flourished in the city despite being illegal [1]. Under the new rule, residents of Los Angeles would be allowed to rent out their entire home to visitors while they are not there [1].

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