Massachusetts Senate Cracks Down on First-Time DUI Offenders

March 20,2018

The Massachusetts state senate, hoping to prevent repeat drunk driving offenses, recently passed legislation that would require first-time drunk driving offenders to use an ignition interlock system [1]. An ignition interlock system is a breath alcohol analyzer that connects with a car’s ignition and other control systems [2]. The system prevents a car from starting if the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the driver is .025 or higher [2].

Massachusetts law currently requires drivers to install the ignition interlock system if they 2 drunk driving offenses or more. If the recently passed senate legislation becomes law, installation of the device will be required after the first drunk driving offense [1]. Twenty-eight states have similar first-time offender laws including New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

In Michigan, first-time DUI offenders are not required to install an ignition interlock system however, a person with two or more DUIs within 7 years may have to install the system [2]. Once the device is installed in a person’s car, they must drive with it for at least one year [2].

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